AJ is so irritating at times !!!!

Is it just me or is AJ at her irritating best at this point of time.I mean she starts off as a normal girl who is in love with Daniel Bryan gets heart broken and ends up totally insane!!!It was ok until then but does she really need to be the raw general manager??I mean this  is not the first time we have seen someone like this become the raw general manager we had vickie guerrero,John lauranitus a
nd soo many like this as a general manager.Why cant we have a genuine raw general manager who everyone likes???After seeing Monday Night raw on 27/08/2012 and the skit between her and Vickie Guerrero i was convinced that she is the one who should be in the anger management class and not Daniel Bryan...She is being fair in setting up matches which is good but her temper and the look she gives at times sound/look so irritating makes me want to stop watching that particular segment it would have been so awesome if we got Stephanie McMahon once again as a RAW general manager but that is the thing of a past which i guess we cannot expect...Do you remember Raw had an episode recently which was unrated called as Raw Old School that reminded me of the attitude era...watching raw PG rated is sooo cool at times..I only wish they have planned to have something of the same sort once again with Rock,CM Punk,Cena everyone behaving as they would if they were in the WWE/WWF attitude era!!!..Im sure they would rock having such awesome mike skills.


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