Captcha image verification can get very frustrating

Looks familiar???Im sure you hate it too at times...i mean im happy with the verification and all because of how many spammers have made it online but is it really necessary to have this???what about a simple email verification,The one in the screenshot above looks very easy to type in but its not so easy all the time..Its kind of frustrating especially the question it asks at times which says are you a human???Yeah i know there are bots who auto register and hamper/spam the system but still thats very unnecessary thing to ask.Today i had a horrible experience trying to register for three four sites because of captcha verification.i had to tear my hair out to figure out what was written within the box and when i did and when i typed it in it said it was wrong and i had to type another word which was more shabbier than the earlier one...Im sure most of you guys would have gone through the same experience as me..mind you its a wonderful piece of security but something needs to be done to get this cleared to atleast we are able to read whats there on the image before type it in...Looks like there are some serious flaws in the system which need to be corrected!


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