Darksiders II-Gaming Picture & Video of the day(25/08/2012)

As i continue to play darksiders II,Im amazed by what this game has to deliver for one thing i just realised that the horse in the game looks exactly as though he is running on nitrous when you run a bit faster funny but true...This game definitely has a god of war feel to it but what is more entertaining about this one is its not that simple you need to apply yourself to complete a few puzzles...check out the gaming picture/video of the day below hope you like it !!!!

Death Aint Horsing Around

PS:Click on the picture for a larger image

Check out the video below to see Death swimming underwater this was something i did not expect i was trying to find a way around and i eventually realised he can actually swim in this game lol !!!!

The only reason why the above has been named as video of the day is because of the graphics around and the surprise element where i didnt know death could swim!!!


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