Gears of war 4(Judgement) great news!!!

Ok,So i know half of the population owning an XBox360 is definitely waiting for this  and i have some good news as well.This version of gears of war will have the free-for-all mode this is a first for the Gears of War series, and will see players taking on
an every-man-for-himself role. Epic also unveiled two new maps for the game, which will debut alongside the new multiplayer mode this week at PAX Prime in Seattle: Gondola and Library.A game by epic is definitely going to be an epic one.I cant wait for this one...Wonder what will happen with the storyline next after gears of war 3. it feels like ages since i have played gears of war,Considering this is going to be the last gears of war until the next generation console launch i would like to make the most of it.Im Not a big fan of online gaming but i dont mind spending hours of fun playing gears of war..So i cant wait for this one!

News Source:Gamespot


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