God of war 4 coming soon?

God Of War Krator Picture
I was just browsing around and found out that god of war 4 is coming soon???that's great news..some of you might have known this from a long time but i just found this out today.So Kratos will be returning to the PS3 for one more adventure. Sony released a teaser trailer showcasing the next entry in the franchise,which is said to be titled as God of War: Ascension.Sony also has confirmed this morning that
God of War: Ascension will take gamers "right back to where it all began." The game will let gamers "discover the origins of Kratos as he takes his first steps on a now legendary quest for freedom."The console maker also launched a product page for the game on its US PlayStation website, revealing a spring 2013 launch window. Additionally, the page notes Ascension is a one-player game, with the maximum number of online players listed as zero.So i have got another reason now to buy a ps3!!

News source:Gamespot


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