A few cool Windows easter eggs !!!!

Are you a genius???Do you know everything about computers???If you are using windows then try the following and you will be amazed by what happens !!!!

01.Try creating the following folders anywhere in your hard drive and see if it works
  1. CON
  2. NUL
  3. COM1
  4. COM9 
  5. LPT1 
  6. LPT9  
 Try this Anywhere within your hard disk let me know if you can create it.Apparently Bill gates himself does not have an answer to this bug!!!Below is what will actually happen if you try creating the above folders!!!!

2.This is something pretty cool and neat...and unbelievable. .. Again at Microsoft the whole Team, including Bill Gates, couldn't answer why this happened! Try it out yourself...
Open Microsoft Word and type"
=rand (200, 99)

03. Notepad Bug (XP Only)

This bug no longer works in Windows Vista or Windows 7, but if you’re still running Windows XP, give it a try.Launch Notepad and type the following sentence: Bush hid the factsNow save the file as anything you like, close it and open it again. What do you see?If you did this in Windows XP, you probably see some weird unicode characters or Chinese characters like in the screenshot above. By the way, I have to admit that I ‘forged’ the screenshot because I no longer run Windows XP.
The explanation for this bug lies in the Windows function ‘IsTextUnicode’. When a text file is encoded in Windows-1252 it is interpreted as UTF-16LE, resulting in the so-called mojibake. It means that Notepad recognizes unicode characters representing Chinese characters and translates them back into Chinese characters.

04.Another bug in Windows 7:

To trigger the old XP style alt+tab window to switch to another application, you’ll need to do the following:
  • Hold down the Left (or Right) Alt key.
  • Press and release the other Alt key.
  • Keep holding down that first Alt key, and then press Tab.
And Voila! The ugly old XP-style one will show up.

05. Windows 7 God Mode from cnet:

To enter "GodMode," one need only create a new folder and then rename the folder to exactly the following:

Once that is done, the folder's icon will change to resemble a control panel and will contain dozens of control options. I'm not sure it's my idea of playing God, but it is a handy way to get to all kinds of controls.

Some really really weird bugs/pretty cool easter eggs i have noticed  hope you liked the post and if you can fix this apply for a job in microsoft you might as well get through :).


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