IOS(Iphone OS) or Android or Blackberry or windows phone?

In this day and age where everything has become wireless the technology has come to such an extent that everything is turning wireless.What this has done is got a lot of innovation in by brilliant companies such as Apple,Android,blackberry and windows phone.When there are choices there is confusion and when there is a confusion we might end up buying something we might regret.The whole point here is to make sure you get the maximum performance for the budget you have.You do not want to spend more and end up finding out that most of the features you require in a phone is of no use to you.Lets compare these four companies and their uniqueness that might help you decide on which direction you can look into

 Windows Phone:

Microsoft has been a leader in developing the operating systems for computer for ages now.Almost all the companies,Individuals etc are using the windows operating systems and to be frank microsoft have done an excellent job in the market and have very less competition.When you speak about the windows phone its basically a  mobile operating system developed by Microsoft, and is the successor to its Windows Mobile platform, although incompatible with it. Unlike its predecessor, it is primarily aimed at the consumer market rather than the enterprise market.It was launched in the second half of 2010, with a release in Asia following in early 2011.With Windows Phone, Microsoft created a new user interface, featuring its design language called Metro. Additionally, the software is integrated with third party services and Microsoft services, and sets minimum requirements for the hardware on which it runs.

Advantages of owning  a windows phone:

  • The Synch between your computer running a windows operating system and phone will be good.
  • If you own an Xbox 360 you will have a good synch with the xbox live
  • The look seems to be amazing

Disadvantages of owning a windows phone:

  • Windows phone has known to be laggy in the past with its performance.
  • Not too many applications are currently present to support windows phone.However this might change in the future


Blackberry has been a phone which is favorite among the celebrities for a while now.It has really made its mark through the Blackberry messenger.This is one great feature introduced by blackberry to help people stay in touch.
BlackBerry OS is a proprietary mobile operating system, developed by Research In Motion (RIM) for its BlackBerry line of smartphone handheld devices. The operating system provides multitasking and supports specialized input devices that have been adopted by RIM for use in its handhelds, particularly the trackwheel, trackball, and most recently, the trackpad and touchscreen.The BlackBerry platform is perhaps best known for its native support for corporate email, through MIDP 1.0 and, more recently, a subset of MIDP 2.0, which allows complete wireless activation and synchronization with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, or Novell GroupWise email, calendar, tasks, notes, and contacts, when used with BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The operating system also supports WAP 1.2.Updates to the operating system may be automatically available from wireless carriers that support the BlackBerry over the air software loading (OTASL) service.Third-party developers can write software using the available BlackBerry API classes, although applications that make use of certain functionality must be digitally signed.Research from June 2011 indicates that approximately 45% of mobile developers were using the platform at the time of publication.

Advantages of owning a blackberry

  • This is one of the most secure phones ever.
  • BBM makes speaking to your friends fun
  • The look and the power of the phone is amazing

Disadvantages of owning a blackberry

  • It can be very complicated to use at times
  • Too much security sometimes causes hazzles
  • Most of the time you will never be able to use all the features

This is a phone i personally own so i would be able to be a little more clear on is a phone which is closest to the IOS.Android is a Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. It is developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google.Google financially backed the initial developer of the software, Android Inc., and later purchased it in 2005. The unveiling of the Android distribution in 2007 was announced with the founding of the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of 86 hardware, software, and telecommunication companies devoted to advancing open standards for mobile devices.Google releases the Android code as open-source, under the Apache License.The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is tasked with the maintenance and further development of Android.Android has a large community of developers writing applications ("apps") that extend the functionality of the devices. Developers write primarily in a customized version of Java.Apps can be downloaded from third-party sites or through online stores such as Google Play (formerly Android Market), the app store run by Google. In June 2012, there were more than 600,000 apps available for Android, and the estimated number of applications downloaded from Google Play was 20 billion.Android became the world’s leading smartphone platform at the end of 2010. For the first quarter of 2012, Android had a 59% smartphone market share worldwide At the half of 2012, there were 400 million devices activated and 1 million activations per day.Analysts point to the advantage to Android of being a multi-channel, multi-carrier OS.
Advantages of owning an Android:
  • You get almost all the features at a very less price.
  • The phone's performance is steady.
  • Tons of applications available in the android market

Disadvantages of owning an Android:

  • Touch screen calibration at times can be a problem.
  • A few compatibility issues here and there.


One of the most preferred phones by everyone because of its performance and excellent design.iOS (previously iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. Originally released in 2007 for the iPhone and iPod Touch, it has been extended to support other Apple devices such as the iPad and Apple TV. Unlike Microsoft's Windows CE (Windows Phone) and Google's Android, Apple does not license iOS for installation on non-Apple hardware. As of June 12, 2012, Apple's App Store contained more than 650,000 iOS applications, which have collectively been downloaded more than 30 billion times.It had a 23% share of the smartphone operating system units sold in the first quarter of 2012, behind only Google's Android.In June 2012, it accounted for 65% of mobile web data consumption (including use on both the iPod Touch and the iPad).At the half of 2012, there were 410 million devices activated.The user interface of iOS is based on the concept of direct manipulation, using multi-touch gestures. Interface control elements consist of sliders, switches, and buttons. The response to user input is immediate and provides a fluid interface. Interaction with the OS includes gestures such as swipe, tap, pinch, and reverse pinch, all of which have specific definitions within the context of the iOS operating system and its multi-touch interface. Internal accelerometers are used by some applications to respond to shaking the device (one common result is the undo command) or rotating it in three dimensions (one common result is switching from portrait to landscape mode).iOS is derived from OS X, with which it shares the Darwin foundation, and is therefore a Unix operating system.In iOS, there are four abstraction layers: the Core OS layer, the Core Services layer, the Media layer, and the Cocoa Touch layer. The current version of the operating system (iOS 5.1.1) dedicates 1-1.5 GB of the device's flash memory for the system partition, using roughly 800 MB of that partition (varying by model) for iOS itself.

Advantages of owning an IOS phone: 
  • Excellent touch screen calibration.
  • Tons of applications to choose from in apple store.
  • Excellent for cloud computing and synching with apple computers.

Disadvantages of owning an IOS Phone:

  • Quiet expensive at times !

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