Is HHH Career over?

Is HHH Career over?Since he lost to Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam there seems to be a lot of speculation suggesting the same..To be Honest i dont think his career is over,There have been many wrestlers who have gone through this and we have now seen this numerous times so im almost certain the King of kings should be back soon.Remember Shaun Michaels retiring???We never thought he would be back but he is now constantly appearing in the sure none of the fans would like to see triple h out of action for a long time,he brings a certain charisma and energy to Raw.The other thing i Would love to see is HHH's wife Stephanie Mcmahon back as a general manager 
but im not sure if that will ever happen now...But we never know things change quite quickly in the WWE.Even Shane Mcmahon was great when added to storylines in the past.hopefully we would see a lot more entertainment now since brock lesnar is back and the storyline seems to be going nicely..But there are few unanswered questions still 

Is Jericho terminated of his contract now??
Will AJ be a good general manager?
Who will be the next number one contender?

Guess we will have to wait to find out about this :)


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