Kinect is the best for lazy gamerz !!!!

Gamerz have a tendency of being called lazy,insensitive and people who dont bother about anything apart from gaming...I own Kinect for Xbox 360 and trust me its one of the best medicines for a lazy gamer who sits on his/her couch all day long and keeps playing Call of duty all day against others online.For those who dont know Kinect is a motion sensing input device by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game console and Windows PCs. Based around a webcam-style add-on peripheral for the Xbox 360 console, it enables users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without the need to touch a game controller, through a natural user interface using gestures and spoken commands. The project is aimed at broadening the Xbox 360's audience beyond its typical gamer base.Kinect competes with the Wii Remote Plus and PlayStation Move with PlayStation Eye motion controllers for the Wii and PlayStation 3 home consoles, respectively. A version for Windows was released on February 1, 2012.Kinect was launched in North America on November 4, 2010, in Europe on November 10, 2010, in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore on November 18, 2010, and in Japan on November 20, 2010. Purchase options for the sensor peripheral include a bundle with the game Kinect Adventures and console bundles with either a 4 GB or 250 GB Xbox 360 console and Kinect Adventures.After selling a total of 8 million units in its first 60 days, the Kinect holds the Guinness World Record of being the "fastest selling consumer electronics device".18 million units of the Kinect sensor had been shipped as of January 2012.Microsoft released Kinect software development kit for Windows 7 on June 16, 2011.[21][22][23] This SDK will allow developers to write Kinecting apps in C++/CLI, C#, or Visual Basic .NET.I personally own three kinect games

  1. Kinect Adventures
  2. Kinect Sports
  3. Kinect Sports II
  4. Kinectimals
Xbox Really made a huge mark with the creation of Kinect as this is the highest selling controller ever and i think the main reason behind this is parents wanting their kids to get up and do a little bit of an activity/exercise to keep them in check.It has a very good tracking system and a microphone as well,The tracking system lets you know the calories you lost and after an amount of time you get a message on screen to take a break if you are playing too long which is great and also as far as the microphone is concerned its got good sensitivity so you can use it from far.The only main problem i have with this is my room is small so there are problems at times while playing games.I have heard a lot of people debate which one is better the PS3 Move,The Wii or the Kinect,I would say kinect even though i have not used the other two only for one reason which is this one does not have a controller your body is the controller and you can rest assured you wont accidental end up breaking the TV while your playing a game !!!!


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