Patience is a virtue??I dont think so!!!!

Patience Patience Patience !!!!Is all i have been told to have for the greater good...There are a few things which are not explainable in life and im very sure that patience is definitely one of them,I dont understand why do people say you need to have patience and at the same time say it will happen when it has to happen doesnt this seem to be contradicting itself???trust me if you think about patience i have tons of it but at the same time i dont have it soo much as well that i would give unlimited amount of time for something to happen,im sure you would have gone through this as well where you need something so bad and end up not getting it when you need it but definitely getting it when not required...I will give you an example of my story here...I used to work in an outsourcing industry during the start of my career and used to earn peanuts at that time my mom used to be very excited that her son is working earning money etc etc but unfortunately due to low income i could not fullfill all her wishes,what happened then was she passed away a year after i started working...the next job  i got i got paid well but the person with whom i wanted to enjoy was not present now did wrong things happen at the wrong time???did i not keep patience???i dont understand it...I know this is a pretty vague post of mine forgive me for that...had to get this out of my system and this was the best means and i guess this was the best example that i dont have patience :P ...


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