Top ten tv shows i love !!!!

Check out the top ten tv series i have ever seen until now,im sure most of you might have seen all of these but incase if you havent i highly recommend you to check these ones out it would not do justice for me to put a number on these shows as all of them are awesome but im just putting a rough estimate..

10.Vampire Diaries

Vampire diaries is a show about two vampire brothers  Damon and Stefan Salvatore, eternal adolescents, having been leading 'normal' lives, hiding their bloodthirsty condition, for centuries, moving on before their non-aging is noticed. They are back in the Virginia town where they became vampires. Stefan is noble, denying himself blood to avoid killing, and tries to control his evil brother Damon. Stefan falls in love with schoolgirl Elena, whose best friend is a witch, like her grandma

IMDB Rating:8.1

09.House MD

Who is your favorite doctor????It must be House MD.Here we have a brilliant yet unconventional doctor who solves cases in a jiffy and has answers to all of his patients problems but his arrogance is not always appreciated by his patients/colleagues..This show tells about the medical genius doctor house and the way he solves medical cases and helps out his colleagues.

IMDB Rating:8.7


Ross,Rachel,Monica,Chandler,Phoebe and Joey are six friends who have a dream of  making it big in the New York city they are together through all the thick and the thins,through weddings,laughters,romance,crying absolutely everything thing you would expect out of the show you will find in Friends.This is a pretty old show but if you havent see it..Please see it now it will make you realise the value of friendship.This should be number 1 but the reason why its 8 is because the show is officially over after 10 wonderful seasons

IMDB Rating:8.9

07.How i met your mother

How i met your mother is Legan wait for it dary....If you have been seeing the show you would by now know this is the phrase barney uses the most :)...This is a very cute show which tells a story which revolves around Ted Mosby an architect who is on a lookout for that perfect girl for himself to settle down,marry and have kids.Through all the emotional drama comes a lot of fun and laughter in the form of Barney who's love for suits is massive and Marshall who is madly in love with his wife Lily.

IMDB Rating:8.6


Keifer Sutherland's splendid performance in 24 makes the show more exciting this is about a series of events that take place in a 24 hours period.There are 8 seasons with 24 episodes each which show the real time statistics of what happens in those 24 hours.The show mostly involves action,suspense and thriller and the way how Jack Black(Keifer Sutherland) handles it!

IMDB Rating:8.5

05.The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon,Leonard,Raj and Howard are Nerds who have excelled in their studies,discoveries.Sheldon and Leonard are roomates and their life changes after Penny moves across the house which leads to a series of laughters as Sheldon does not know the meaning of dating,Raj cannot speak to girls and Howard is a dirty flirt!

IMDB Rating:8.6


Sam and Dean Winchester are Brothers who are living apart Dean stays with their dad whereas Sam leaves to puruit his career,Dean is forced to take Sam's help when their dad goes missing,The story unfolds as we come to know that the family was actually hunters who hunt after demons ghosts and all the supernatural things.As the show goes on a lot of unexplained things happen and the world is a chaos when there is a fight between Heaven and Hell.

IMDB Rating:8.6


This show was a show which made me start watching TV shows in the first place.Its about a flight that crashes on an island and there are a few survivors who wait for rescue but there is none for quiet a few days and there is something more when they see beyond the island within the jungle a strange voice a strange creature.As you see the show the story unfolds and you know everything happens for a reason !

IMDB Rating:8.4

02.Prison Break

Michael Schofield(Wentworth Miller) and  Lincoln Burrows(Dominic Purcell) are brothers,Lincoln is framed for murder and looking at his history Michael is convinced he has done it but Lincoln denies it.Once Michael is sure that Lincoln has not committed the crime he goes on a quest and robs a bank to get into the same prison to free up his brother,What happens further is a mastermind plot by Michael to save his brother and the brilliance of his mind.I thought this show will get boring but it never did every season every episode has a bit of a twist which will leave you thinking that what will happen next?

IMDB Rating:8.6

01.True Blood

Bon temps is a place anyone would love to be...Its a place where Fary's ,Vampire's ,Shifters and witches still exsist,We have Sookie Stackhouse(Anna Paquin) who falls for Bill Compton(Stephen Moyer) who is a vampire.Sookie has a special Ability to read minds but she is unable to read the minds of a vampire which makes me more and more closer to bill.What happens further is a journey deep within these creatures through chills and through  the unbelievable world where everything goes!

IMDB Rating:8.1

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