A bull takes revenge on man for pouring water on it!!!

This in undoutedly one of the most weirdest things i have heard in recent history.Apparently there was a  BULL which wanted to take revenge on an old man who had poured hot water on it and it was so focussed on taking revenge  that it waited for him the next day and then gored him to death.Makkal Osai reported that bull gored the man from Deori, Madhya Pradesh, India, a day after he threw hot water on it.The bull had apparently been watching for Narayan Prajpati, 65, and attacked him when he was having his morning tea.Prajapati ran into his hut but the bull followed him and unfortunately he couldnt survive. Neighbours chased the bull  away and took Prajapati to hospital where he died.But whats more astonshing is that the bull showed up at the crematorium when Prajapati was cremated, presumably to ensure that its tormentor was really gone.This definitely sounds unbelievable but its true and also again reiterates the point where animals are now in such a state that they are taking the matters in their own hands to try and stop animal cruelty!

Source:The Star


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