A few Awesome WWE finishing moves

When we see WWE its all about the adrealine.Its all about how much excitement is in the air towards the build up of a fight.What sums this all up is when the wrestler delivers a finishing move.We have seen it all right from stone cold stunner to john cena FU and enjoy every single moment of it.Let me share with you a few of my favorite finishing moves of wwe until now that is!


Stone Cold Stunner:

RKO by Randy Orton:

Spear by Bill Goldberg:

The Most Electrifying move by the rock:

Clothesline from hell by JBL:

Twist of fate by Matt Hardy:

Tombstone Piledriver by The Undertaker:

Frog Splash By Eddie Guerrero(RIP Eddie):

F5 by Brock Lesnar:

619 by Rey Mysterio:

Sweet Chin Music By Shaun Michaels:

Pedigree by HHH:

PS:The list is not in order and please do not perform these moves the wwe stars are trained professionals and they have been trained all their lives to do this.

I will be adding more to this list later !

Hope you liked the list!


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