Darksiders II is an awesome game to play !!!

A lot of tormentors,Wraiths a crow named dust who does not know where its going,these are the reasons why im still not done with this game.The best part is even though its taking a long time to complete  im loving every moment of playing Darksiders II.The game is very well made and has a superb storyline.Check out the slideshow,Pictures and videos of the day below..Enjoy!

Check out the pictures with captions below

This was quite puzzling!

Down we go!

Rise up!

Hmmm,how do i get this one opened ??

A key awesome!

Up we go!

Zooming in!

I have the key now so can get in!

Good Physique dont you think?

Always on the run!

Scary fall!

Why is this one blurred i will never know!

One of the many places where death has bossfights!

Glitter all around!

This is how the actual graphics are awesome!

Quite tall!

But very ugly!

Videos of the day:


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