Dragon Age III to be released late 2013

As i always say if you haven't played Dragon Age you haven't started playing games yet.This is one of the best role playing games i have ever played and whats more after two successful installments of Dragon Age we have a third installment( as per BioWare website ) which is set to release during the end of 2013 how cool is that?The exact release has not yet been confirmed by the developers as this is an early stage but looks like we are in for a treat during the holidays of 2013.Also the platforms this game is going to release has not yet been confirmed.

For guys who have not got a chance to play Dragon age yet it is  a dark fantasy role-playing game created by BioWare. The game has been released in two installments so far.The first game, Dragon Age: Origins,which was released in 2009.The second installment Dragon Age II, which was a sequel to Origins,  released in March 2011.


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