Dust is a confused crow in Darksiders II

So i continued playing Darksiders II once again today and as usual got confused because of the crow named "Dust".To be honest this looks like a bug to me.Whenever we try to find out where we need to go through Dust we end up circling around.Hope some kind of a patch can be released to resolve this.Apart from that i have been enjoying the game but it has now reached a point where i feel its never ending its good in one way but i need to complete this soon and start playing sleeping dogs,Im alive and if you checked my previous gaming moments of the day The amazing spider man is also another one which i have not finished yet..Hope i give this game sometime and finish it soon :).As usual a slideshow,few pics and a video for your entertainment Enjoy!

Check out the pictures with caption below

Got a new power after defeating the boss Pharsieer.you can check out how i defeated Pharsieer here

Elevators run on lights!

Lets go rock climbing shall we?

Defeated him so he gets to do all my work :)

Death's Faithful Horse

Got a bit confused here!

Lovely Castle dont you think?

Having a conversation !

Clean shaved!

Looks like a well but it isnt :)

Through the bridge into the chaos!

Another angle of it!

They never give up do they?

Sometimes too many things around  can confuse you!

Portal 3 in the makes through darksiders??Lol


Thats the trapped soul which needed to be released today!

There is the "Hero" of the game..Stupid Dust!!!!What do you see?Where do i have to go..If you dont know say so dont confuse me please :P

Time for an encore!

Entered now..Lets see whats in store for us!

Video of the day


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