Finally defeated Gnashor in darksiders II !!!

I have good news today finally i was able to defeat Gnashor boss in Darksiders II.I cannot believe i couldnt clear this yesterday this was so simple all along.All you need to do to defeat Gnashor is just be good with dodging,if you are not good with dodging you will end up trying the fight over and over also helps if you use the angel blade as that regenerates health.Check out the gaming moments of the day below with a slideshow,pictures and a video towards the end enjoy!!!

Aint i Pretty?

The Light beams through the ceiling

Hop Hop i go!

Prince of persia pose once again from yours truly!

Castle of the champion!

Too many for some very few for death!

I would like to see him fight spiderman!

I got confused here for a while!

Not too heavy!

Glow friends?

Time to take the last peace to fight the champion!

There goes that beam again

Quite fast!

Check out the Darksiders II Gnashor Boss Fight Video Below


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