Gaming Moments Of The Day (09/09/2012)

Today while playing Darksiders II boss fight with Construct Hulk i just noticed something im not sure if most of you guys know this or not but this helped me a lot in defeating him very easily and im sure this will help me further in the  game as well.What i found out was actually that there was a sword that i got inbetween the battle with Construct Hulk I pressed the button O on my keyboard and when i went into the menu to equip a different weapon it had a few weapons which said it regenerates health as well while slashing enemies.So what this basically does is if you are fighting any bosses or anyone else it is not necessary you need to have a health potion to heal yourself.The health automatically regenerates :)..This is a cool thing i found today hope this helps if you are stuck somewhere and have tried a lot of times but are not able to get through!

Below are the pictures

I guess its going to rain!!!

To complete the lost temple was tough but i somehow managed check out the video of the boss fighe below

Awakened the Giant!

Its been long time since he has opened his eyes!

What can i do for you?

Hop On and i will take you where you want to go

Mountains Mountains everywhere!

Here we go again Prince Of Persia Style

This is going to be tiring 

The Elder One

He is wise because of his age

Always at your service

Lets see what awaits us here

And the bell has rung

Videos of the day:

Check out the classic Commander keen & Darksiders II Boss Fight against Construct Hulk below:


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