Gaming Moments Of The Day (10/09/2012)

Im back with the gaming moments of the day.Well the good news is i was able to defeat the guardian in a boss fight in darksiders 2.The bad news is i have still not managed to finish the game but i have a feeling im very close to the end.Enjoy the slideshow,pictures and video of the guardian bossfight towards the end..Enjoy!

Volcano everywhere!

I have the someone's help to fight this time!


Step Up Revolution Dance move?

I have your back brother!

He is Huge!

Lovely Scenary everywhere!

Swimming Underwater!

Time for some action !

There is my equipment!

God of war wall in darksiders II?

Volcano Dripping!

Monsters Everywhere!

Hmmm.Now where is the key?

What do we have here?

Guess Death is just a bit short!

Finally Managed to find a way through the bridge!

Careful of the lava!

Beautiful Lava!

Death on a robot!

Guess we need to get that blue thingy to get the giant awakened!


Through the tunnel!

Time to rise up!

Whats in the hand?


Another Volcanic View!

B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l dont you think?

Giant Helper!

Who just woke up!

Its going to be a rainy day!

I gotto be careful now!

Run away from the beast !

Time for some cool dodge moves!

Video Of the day:


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