Gaming Moments Of The Day (12/09/2012)

Check out the gaming moments of the day for 12/09/2012..Enjoy the slideshow and the pictures i will be uploading the next bossfight as soon as im done with it currently struggling a bit..Have a look below and enjoy!Very close to the finish now..Proud of myself :p.

And we enter!

Need a key for this door!


Too many skulls to beat!

Where are we now?

Lets go full throttle on my horse!

Frame Stutter?

And the earth trembled!

Its too cloudy to go out and play!

Guess i will wait for my turn!

Careful now!


Check out the newcastle :)

Guardian wont let me in!

I will need to defeat the champion!

Lets get ready to rumble!

Glowly Ghost!

Time for some action!

More will be updated tomorrow :)


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