Gaming Moments Of The Day (14/09/2012)

Im back with the gaming moments of the day for 14/09/2012.It was fun playing darksiders II again today however his companion Dust(The Crow) confused me a lot as always flying around here and there not letting me know where exactly i need to go because of which i got tied up.Check out the slideshow,Pictures and video below..Enjoy!

Pictures with captions below!

The house of the dead!

Looks lovely doesnt it?

Any entry fee to enter?

Yes..In your face defeated the champion!

Poker face!

The best part is their glowing skins no skin cream can do that for anyone :)

All Hail the King!

Are you awake?

Lets go run some errands!

Full throttle

He is huge isnt he?


This puzzle was tough because of death

Is she tomb raider?

 Where the is a lock there is a key!

Lets enter and see what awaits us!

More health is good!

Enterance to the boss fight against Pharsieer

Defeated him  finally!!!

Video of the day (Death Vs Pharsieer)


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