How to resize images using microsoft paint

Today im going to share how you can resize your images/pictures using Microsoft paint.There are tons of tools available online which help in modifying the images but the simplest way to do it is through Microsoft paint itself.

On the Microsoft paint there is an option known as resize on the top of the home screen shown in the screenshot below.

Home Screen in Microsoft Paint
Once the resize option is clicked there are two options to choose from one is resize as percentage and the other is resize as pixels.Based on your requirement you can choose any one and resize the images/pictures.I found this particularly useful as there are times when your pictures exceed your template and overlap the space in your blog.I would recommend you to choose the option resize by pixels and choose the width and height to make the pictures look visible and more attractive while not overlapping the blog template.

Resize and Skew screen in Microsoft Paint
On the right hand side is the screen is the screenshot of what appears once resize is clicked.Percentage is always a bit confusing but as i said pixels should be a convenient can only choose either horizontal or vertical to input a number of your choice and paint will input the number of the other option depending on what you chose and auto resize the picture based on how big the picture is to maintain its aspect ratio.However if you want to make it totally custom and input numbers for both horizontal and pixels you need to uncheck the maintain aspect ratio tick mark and you will be able to change both the horizontal as well as vertical aspect of your image/picture.


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