Resident Evil 6 Demo Out on September 18th!!!!

As you guys know Resident Evil 6 is about to release on October 6th.I have huge expectations from this game as i absolutely loved Resident Evil 5.After i played that game i felt that a pc game cannot get any more closer to console gaming.The good news now for console fans is that the playable demo is just about to be released for Resident Evil 6 on September 18th on Playstation Network and the Xbox 360 Live.Incase if the public demo for Resident Evil 6 is somehow similar to the private one, Included will be missions taken from the game's four distinct campaigns that focuses on Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jake Muller, and Ada Wong. In Chris Redfield's mission, the players will face  against the  J'avo humanoid creatures with partner Piers Nivans on rooftops located in China.During the main character Leon Kennedy's mission, you will fight alongside Helena Harper and explore the inside of the Ivy University campus, which is filled with zombies. To finish off, the Jake Muller mission will take place in a war-torn Edonia and will have  players teaming up with Sherry Berkin to escape from the Ustanak, a new Boss Enemy in Resident Evil 6.This makes me think if the demo looks this exciting how good will the original game be..Im sure it will be no less than Awesome !


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