Shania Twain is an absolute classic

Shania Twain
Do you remember those times when the likes of Britney Spears,Spice Girls,B*Witched ruled the charts???Yes it was the time of the 1990's the decade that redefinied music and as i feel was the time in between human evolution from the musical side!When i think about Shania Twain there are no words that can describe how elegant she was right from the way she used to sing her songs to the way she used to dress.She had a lovely voice and her  songs your still the one,From this moment captured millions of hearts!!!!.But where is Shania Twain now????Cant we have a few more songs from her.My perfect idea of listening to best music is listening to the music that was created in the 90's.I generally use winamp on my computer to listen to the songs from the 90's but just imagine how cool would it be if we get artists like Shania Twain,Ricky Martin, Boyzone,Backstreet Boys,Nsync,5ive and all the stars of the 90's to do a concert.That would be one concert i would not miss for the world and im sure they will be jam packed shows.Getting back to Shania Twain,The best part about her singing was the meanings in her songs.I have been listening to a lot of songs these days which make absolutely no sense at all.Let us take Shania Twain's Album Come on Over for instance...It included songs like Your still the one,From this moment on,When etc.This Album did not have one song which you will end up getting bored at and would rather prefer listening to them all.Very similar to something like Savage Garden's To the moon and back where you can keep listening to all the songs and never get bored.Now this is what i have found about Shania Twain's return on Wikipedia

On June 8, 2011, at a press conference at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Twain announced that she will headline Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for two years.Her show, titled Still The One, will begin on December 1, 2012.

So Shania Twain Fans Embrace yourself as she is going to be back soon :)

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