Super Mario Bros 2 Is Already a Superhit !!!!

Remember the Penelope Cruz Advertisement where she is playing Mario with her sister Monica Cruz?
Apparently this game has already become a superhit after its launch and has now sold 240K Copies in just a week.Considering the  total software sales during August, Nintendo has confirmed that 3DS game sales increased by more than 68 percent over sales in July. The company also added that the  sales of its 3DS hardware line jumped more than 36 percent when compared to the sales in July.Mario has been a fan favorite for a long time now and nintendo continues to bring out new innovations along with new console to support it.The start has now been brilliant for Nintendo 3DS and looks like this game might break quite a few records the way it has started.Its amazing to see how we have really come a long way since we used to play Mario in the 90's havent we?


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