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When we compare blogger to wordpress the former is much more easier to use and is very user friendly.No offense to wordpress as nothing is better than it for advanced users.When you start blogging the first thing you would like is having tons and tons of visitors visiting the blog.It actually does not end there along with the visitors you would also like the visitors to browse around the blog and stay for longer increasing your chances of a page being shared on one of the social networking sites and a chance of it going viral with tons of people visiting.We need to communicate with our readers through blog as not in all cases a reader will communicate with you.To make your readers have a pleasant experience and enjoy the blog and keep coming back for me below are a few of gadgets which help out a lot.

  1. Popular Post Widget
    Through popular post widgets you can expose the content which displays posts based on the number of people who have visited the post.A good thing about this widget is you can set it up based on popularity of post within a week,month or all time.I would recommend you to set this up as week so it will keep changing frequently and the readers will see more unique content.

  2. Recent Post Widget

    You would not like to read yesterday's newspaper would you? Recent post Widget is something which will let the visitors know that that the blog has been updated as it shows the recent posts that have been published.
  3. "You Might Also Like"  or related posts Widget

    If you look into this blog post towards the bottom there will be 5 posts to chose from.In case if the visitors miss out on popular post or recent post this will catch their eye and increases the chances of them staying longer.Nrelate and Linkwithin are two of the best sites which will help you setup the widget.The best part about this widget is it will show the posts related to what the readers and reading.

  4. Translate Widget:
    When you are blogging you never know from which part of the world a reader will come from.If you have an English website and a reader who visits the site does not know English he will never understand and not return back.The translate gadget does wonders in this case as the visitors will find it easy by choosing their language from the list of translate options and continuing viewing the blog.

  5. Subscription Widget:
    Sometimes a visitor might love your blog but might not be able to come to your site often.For them you can add a subscription widget which will send out an email everyday with the amount of posts you have published.
  6. Search Widget:

    Some visitors might not have time to go through the entire blog to search for something they were looking for.The search widget helps those visitors to search for content within the blog with no hassles.
  7. Facebook Likebox:

    Creating a Facebook Likebox does wonders as we are living in the era where people are mostly online in social networking sites helps your readers know the latest about your blog through Facebook increasing their chance of a return.
Most of the widgets are available as gadgets within blogger itself.The Widgets which you cant find can be easily found by searching on google and the installation is also very easy.Im not going to end my post by giving you the same speech that "Content is the king" write unique content etc.I am sure everyone knows that.What i would like to say is no matter what you do while blogging try not to overdo it.Everyone of us would love to be popular with tons of visitors and thousands of hits.But when we overdo things we automatically compromise on quality have a balance and do whats best for your blogger :)


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