Top ten Unforgettable hottest WWE Divas

WWE Old school produced some most beautiful divas with great in ring skills who laid the foundation for the divas we have today.The days of yesteryear's had mesmerizing looks that made the WWE Universe go crazy.Below are the top ten wwe divas that are unforgettable and we wish someday,someway make their way back to the WWE.

10.Mickie James

WWE Diva Mickie James
photo courtesy:Luis Simoes

Those who remember Mickie James would remember how great she was during her start of the career when she entered as a person who was infatuated with Trish stratus and ended up being a great in ring competitor and one of the best wwe divas


WWE Diva Melina

Melina started off as a manager of the tag team M'N'M(John Morrison and Joey Mercury)and is still famous for her entrance to the ring which all the wwe fans cant get enough off.

08.Ashley Massaro

WWE Diva Ashley Massaro
photo Credit:Terry Kelly

Ashley Massaro was a great in ring competitor and was a very pretty wwe diva who had a girl gone wild/girl gone rebel kind of a look which people used to love during her days.

07.Candice Michelle

WWE Diva Candice Michelle
Photo Credit:flippunkrocker (original version)
(cropped version)

Candice Micheele mostly worked as a heel but was still loved by all the wwe fans.She was a great in ring competitor with great mike skills.

06.Maria Kanellis

WWE Diva Maria Kanellis
Photo Credit:Adster95

One of the most beautiful divas Maria was often seen interviewing more than competing in ring but she is much more than just being beautiful and will always remain in the hearts of the wwe universe


WWE Diva Maryse
Photo Credit:David Seto

There is only one thing i can think of when i think about Maryse.It does not matter if your a heel or not as long as your hot we love you!

04.Trish Stratus

WWE Diva Trish Stratus
photo credit:raowen

Trish Stratus was the one who started it all.I truly believe it was because of Trish Stratus the wwe women's division is the way it is today.It was she who was the first real powerful diva of the WWE with great in ring skills.

03.Torrie Wilson 

WWE Diva Torrie Wilson
photo credit: Luigi Novi

How can this list not include Torrie Wilson.She was one of the most beautiful diva and till today remains one of the best posers for photo shoots.The WWE universe loves her more for her being her rather than her in ring skills.

02.Michelle MCcool
photo credit:Mshake3
So at Number 2 we have none other than Mrs Undertaker who is also an English teacher,With her great looks,amazing mike skills and in ring talent she ruled millions of hearts of the WWE Universe.we are still begging for more.

01.Stephanie McMahon
WWE Diva Stephanie McMahon
photo credit:Mshake3

Daddy's Little girl has done it again.Stephanie Mcmahon who is also a part owner of the WWE was one of the most powerful woman in the wwe.For me she was the best general manager of RAW.WWE universe loves the Mcmahons and i am sure they would like to see her back :).

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