WII U release date finally announced

Many of you must already be having smile on your face while reading the title and why not?Its been announced that WII U one of the most anticipated consoles will be released on November 18th as per Gamespot.Along with this its also been confirmed that basic model will be released for $299, deluxe version for $349; coming to Europe November 30; Bayonetta 2 a Wii U-exclusive, Black Ops II has also been revealed.Hardly two months guys before you can get your hands on this one.The trend in which the anticipation of this is going on i have a feeling this will be breaking most of the records.I personally feel nintendo has done a wonderful job with the time its releasing this console.Considering other major consoles like Sony Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 are due to release some time in 2013/2014.Considering that this will have very less competition which will help boost sales for them.Also as i said earlier black ops 2 has also been confirmed for this console how great will that be?I however feel we are better of playing games like black ops 2,crysis and all major titles either on pc/xbox/playstation but who knows things could change with a wink of an eye once this has been released.It has also been announced that the games that will be released for WII U will have similar pricing of the general games that cost for xbox and playstations and will be priced at around 60$.I feel if the cost was a little less this would have given nintendo the edge but what the hell if im getting something with a good quality money should be considered secondary.


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