750,000 Xbox 360 consoles sold during black friday

Xbox 360 Slim Black

The reports have confirmed that Microsoft's Xbox 360 have sold around 750,000 consoles in the United States in between November 18-23.The most anticipated xbox 360 game "Halo 4" a few days back had reports which confirmed it made close to 220,000 dollars in 24 hours which makes this some what like a double delight for Microsoft.

Other Microsoft achievements on black friday include:

  • The Xbox Live Gold subscription card sales increased to more than 50 percent year after year.
  • More than 14 million people logged on to Xbox Live across the world on sunday alone. These users were said to tally in excess of 72 million combined hours of use on this day(sunday) alone.

  • To sum it all up, entertainment application usage in the US on Xbox Live during Black Friday had a steady rise to 43 percent compared to last year.



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