Bondi Beach in Australia closed due to a rare phenomenon

algae bloom
photo credit: Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives

A rare Phenomenon known as Algae Bloom has closed off the Bondi Beach In Sydney,Australia. An algal bloom which is a rapid increase of algae (typically microscopic) in an aquatic system and occurs in freshwater as well as marine environments closed Sydney's Bondi Beach to all the swimmers as the crimson tide came close towards the shore.

Clovelly Beach which was nearby was also closed as the authorities were conducting tests around the Tasman Sea.

Swimmers were advised to stay far from this as it was harmful.Even though this is not known to cause a lot of harm it can end up causing skin irritations for some. Some Lifeguards also said that it had a fishy smell to it.

This comes as a huge disappointment for tourists this holiday season who would have liked to have a dip in the water during the time when the Australia's summer temperatures peak up to 40C.

News Source:yahoo


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