Capturing Patsy in Sleeping Dogs

I Managed to play another mini mission today.It has been a busy day so couldn't play much.I cant wait to get my hands on Black Ops II as its getting great reviews.To be honest deep within i didn't think this game would be as good as its turning out to be.However i hope it gets all the awards it deserves as i have a sneaky feeling this might end up being another one of those underrated games which everyone loved but didn't get that much attention. I still remember the game Jericho which was a first person shooter by clive barker was superb.One of the best horror survival games i have ever played  but it got mixed reviews which was probably the reason why many gamers didn't check it out.Below is a slideshow, Pictures and a video from today.

Pictures Of The Day:

Wei Shen speaking to someone before capturing Patsy

Detective Wei Shen outside the massage Palor

Detective Wei Shen in Training

Video Of The Day:


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