Gangnam Style is now the most watched video on YouTube

PSY Gangnam Style
Have you heard the Gangnam Style yet?If not you got to listen to this massive hit by PSY.This song has slowly got itself to the top of the YouTube's most watched video after surpassing Justin Beiber's song "Baby".

What i think makes this song stand out:

According to me a song such as this goes viral in most cases because of the unique dances moves which are not very tough for the viewers to perform.In the past there were massive hits like Macarena,The Ketchup Song,Tic Tic Tac etc even in those songs  the dance moves made the viewers want to learn and perform it.That might be one of the reasons why a non English song such as this is loved by a majority of people.This also truly proves that music has no language.As long as its unique no matter what people will end up loving it.

Whats More in Gangnam Style:

The number of viewers until now suggest that this might end up being the first video ever to reach 1 billion views on YouTube.Chances are quite good but we will have to wait and see if it really does cross the milestone.

Photo credit:Eva Rinald


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