Mission Payback in Sleeping Dogs

Today i played a mission where Wei Shen needed to bring Siu Wah to Winston.The mission was intense with a lot of fights and running around.The more you fight in this game the more addicted you will get.It took quite a few tries but i managed to finish the mission.The main difficulty i had was hitting the fat guys.You apparently cant grapple them because they are too strong so you need to hit harder to get them down.Below are a few pictures and a video from the Mission Payback.

Pictures Of the day:

Winston Angry

Wei Shen lifting up the shutter

Wei Shen with Siu Wah in Police car

Wei Shen on top of the car tries to capture Siu Wah

A member of the gang says sorry to Wei Shen as he misunderstood him earlier

Mission Payback:


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