Mrs Chu's Revenge in Sleeping Dogs

Today for some reason playing a Mission reminded me of Max Payne 3.Even though this game is entirely different from Max Payne III it has got the same intensity that makes you loose yourself within the game.Tracing the call was a little tough but i managed to crack it.In case if your stuck  follow the below steps

  • After the device for trace opens up press the enter key at the highest signal.
  • Press the  Q Button to trace
  • When you press the Q button you will be able to trace different areas.trace all areas and check for a person speaking at the same position/place
  • Once you have found a common person who is at the same point in every trace press the left key on the mouse to begin and complete trace.

In case if you still have a  problem check out the video towards the end of the post.

Pictures Of The Day:

Mrs Chu Winton's Mom

Wei Shen looking at the accident spot

Wei Shen Wearing Rico Rodriguez Custom Outfit

Sports car in sleeping dogs

Videos of the day:


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