New Zealand finally defeat Sri Lanka to level series

Ross Taylor in the presentation ceremony

In the past few months we saw New Zealand really play well but were not rewarded as they lost either due to the duckward lewis system,rains and one bad over.The same was not to be in the second test match against Sri Lanka where they trashed the home team by a margin of 167 runs.Ross Taylor led from the front along with Kane Williamson to make centuries to help New Zealand attain and lead and executed their plans brilliantly to win the second test match to level series 1-1 against Sri Lanka.Below are the highlights and the full scorecard of the 2nd test match.

Highlights of the Match:
Sri Lanka:

1st Innings:

T T Samaraweera - 76

R.Herath - 3 Wickets

Second Innings: 

Angelo Matthews - 84

R.Herath - 3 Wickets

New Zealand:

1st Innings:

Ross Taylor - 142

Kane Williamson - 135

Tim Southee - 5 Wickets

T Boult - 4 Wickets

2nd Innings:

Tim Southee - 3 Wickets

T Boult - 3 Wickets


Sri Lanka - 2nd Innings Batting
Runs Mins 6s 4s Balls SR
N.T. Paranavitanalbw b Southee010010
T.M. Dilshanc van Wyk b Southee1433012360.87
K C Sangakkarab Bracewell1657023447.06
D.P.M.D. Jayawardenec van Wyk b Bracewell536012420.83
T T Samaraweerarun out763013718.92
A D Mathewsc Guptill b Boult8429811122836.84
H.A.P.W. Jayawardenec van Wyk b Astle291360210826.85
H.K.S.R. Kaluhalamullac Guptill b Boult02000110
K M D N Kulasekarac Williamson b Boult1862214045
R.M.S. Erangac Williamson b Southee080040
H.M.R.K.B. Herathnot out614015120
Extras (NB 0, W 1, B 4, LB 11 ) 16

Total All Out, 10 wkts, 85.5 overs 195(2.28 runs per over)

Fall of wickets: 1-122 (Kaluhalamulla), 2-168 (Kulasekara), 3-195 (Mathews), 4-0 (Paranavitana), 5-35 (Dilshan), 6-41 (Sangakkara), 7-46 (Jayawardene), 8-63 (Samaraweera), 9-119 (Mathews), 10-169 (Eranga)

New Zealand(2nd innings) Bowling O M R E W
T G Southee20.05582.903
T A Boult17.56331.893
D A J Bracewell13.06131.002
J S Patel16.07201.250
T D Astle18.04563.111
D Flynn1.010

New Zealand - 2nd Innings Batting
Runs Mins 6s 4s Balls SR
M J Guptillc Dilshan b Eranga1143002839.29
B B McCullums Jayawardene b Herath3575074381.40
K S Williamsonc Paranavitana b Kulasekara1852004242.86
L R P L Taylorrun out75166029578.95
D Flynnlbw b Kulasekara010010.00
C F K van Wykc Paranavitana b Herath010010.00
T D Astlec Dilshan b Kaluhalamulla351330310035.00
D A J Bracewellc Kulasekara b Herath1500333.33
T G Southeenot out812104200.00
J S Patels Jayawardene b Kaluhalamulla040020.00
T A Boultnot out6501785.71
Extras (NB 2, W 0, B 0, LB 3 ) 5
Total Declared, 9 wkts, 54.0 overs 194 (3.59 runs per over)
Fall of wickets: 1-32 (McCullum), 2-56 (Williamson), 3-74 (Flynn), 4-74 (van Wyk), 5-75 (Taylor), 6- (Guptill), 7-172 (Bracewell), 8-177 (Southee), 9-180 (Patel), 10-182 (Boult)

Sri Lanka(2nd innings)Bowling O M R E W
K M D N Kulasekara12.02473.922
R.M.S. Eranga10.01393.901
H.M.R.K.B. Herath21.03673.193
H.K.S.R. Kaluhalamulla11.01383.452

Sri Lanka - 1st Innings Batting
Runs Mins 6s 4s Balls SR
N.T. Paranavitanac van Wyk b Southee401920311235.71
T.M. Dilshanb Southee51201862.50
K C Sangakkarac Boult b Southee020020.00
D.P.M.D. Jayawardenec Williamson b Boult41001580.00
A D Mathewsc Guptill b Southee471741511142.34
T T Samaraweerac Guptill b Boult762270516745.51
H.A.P.W. Jayawardenec Williamson b Patel1244012548.00
H.K.S.R. Kaluhalamullalbw b Boult391800311733.33
K M D N Kulasekarac Taylor b Southee61601966.67
H.M.R.K.B. Herathc Williamson b Boult51401683.33
R.M.S. Eranganot out3600560.00
Extras (NB 3, W 1, B 0, LB 3 ) 7
Total All Out, 10 wkts, 94.0 overs 244 (2.60 runs per over)
Fall of wickets: 1-7 (Dilshan), 2-7 (Sangakkara), 3-12 (Jayawardene), 4-102 (Paranavitana), 5-103 (Mathews), 6-128 (Jayawardene), 7-225 (Samaraweera), 8-225 (Kaluhalamulla)

New Zealand(1st Innings)Bowling O M R E W
T G Southee22.04622.825
T A Boult21.07422.004
J S Patel22.03472.141
T D Astle13.02413.150
D A J Bracewell13.01443.380
K S Williamson3.0151.670

New Zealand - 1st Innings Batting
Runs Mins 6s 4s Balls SR
M J Guptillc Mathews b Kulasekara4201666.67
B B McCullumlbw b Eranga416001040.00
K S Williamsonlbw b Herath13542301230544.26
L R P L Taylorlbw b Herath14239001130646.41
D Flynnlbw b Herath531970313539.26
C F K van Wykb Dilshan040030.00
T D Astlelbw b Herath33100368.33
D A J Bracewellc Herath b Kaluhalamulla2450023764.86
T G Southeeb Herath1541003444.12
J S Patelnot out2551124555.56
T A Boultb Herath1300333.33
Extras (NB 2, W 0, B 2, LB 2 ) 6
Total All Out, 10 wkts, 153.0 overs 412 (2.69 runs per over)
Fall of wickets: 1-4 (Guptill), 2-300 (Flynn), 3-300 (Astle), 4-291 (van Wyk), 5-410 (Flynn), 6-346 (Flynn), 7-346 (Bracewell), 8-374 (Flynn), 9-374 (Southee)

Sri Lanka(1st innings)Bowling O M R E W
K M D N Kulasekara24.02763.171
R.M.S. Eranga22.00914.141
A D Mathews10.01252.500
H.M.R.K.B. Herath49.0101032.106
H.K.S.R. Kaluhalamulla39.03942.411
T.M. Dilshan9.02192.111


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