Short Scary Story:A stranger and the light

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It was a chilly night when a couple of friends Antony and Fred were sitting in the park and speaking about the days events.Antony for some reason could not help but notice someone staring at him from far side of the park.He tried to ignore the occurrence but the light kept getting brighter and brighter he alerted Fred who took this lightly and asked Antony to ignore the occurrence. While they continued to speak the light was getting brighter and coming closer to them.Fred however thought it would be a good idea to capture this on his mobile phone camera.So he took out his phone and clicked a photo but as soon as the camera flashed the light suddenly vanished.It was a strange feeling for them as they didn't know what had happened.Antony and Fred went back home.While Fred tried to see the photo he had clicked on the camera he saw a stranger holding a Lantern.He was convinced he had clicked a ghost photo and went to bed as it was late.

Next morning while going to school he narrated the incident to Antony who took this as a joke but on continuous Persuasion by Fred Antony believed him.

At that moment Fred did not have his mobile phone to show Antony the picture so they waited until after school hours to investigate on what had happened.Once School was over both of them went back to Fred's place where he showed Antony the picture.Antony was very scared and was sweating as he had never seen anything like this before.Fred however asked him to stay calm so they can investigate what had exactly happened.

For the investigation Fred took the picture from his mobile phone and enhanced it on his computer in higher detail so he could see the exact surroundings.He was surprised to see that along with a picture of a stranger holding a lantern there were gravestones around.The confusing thing here was that there was no graveyard close to the park.

At this time there was a knock at Fred's door.Both Fred and Antony were scared thinking who it could be.When Fred opened the door he saw two little girls who wanted to know where their father was.

This puzzled Fred as he said he did not know their father. The two little girls told him they knew Fred had kidnapped their father and if he does not send him back he will have consequences.The two little girls then suddenly turned into two orbs and disappeared inside Fred's house.

Antony who watched this happening with his eyes was very scared and thought it would be a good idea for them to get their parents involved.Antony could not help Fred further as he fell sick and was admitted to the hospital.

When Fred narrated the incident to his parents they rubbished the claims and advised him to stop seeing scary movies.At night Fred was very scared to sleep as he did not know what to do with this as his best friend was not in a position to help him and his parents also didn't support him.After a few hours of thinking Fred finally got sleep but was awakened to see his camera clicking photographs with flash without any physical touch.His bed also started to shake.He quickly alerted his parents who witnessed the scenario and asked Fred in detail what had happened.Fred narrated the entire story to his parents who met a priest to try and bless their home.

While the priest was blessing their home he asked Fred through which medium did he communicate with the spirit.He replied he just clicked a photograph through his mobile phone camera which showed the ghost picture.

The priest asked Fred to burn the mobile phone to release the spirit as it was trapped inside and further told him the two little girls were his(the man holding lantern) daughters who had come to rescue their father.Fred quickly did so and there was peace once again.

PS:This story is not a real occurrence as i have made it up.If it relates to something that someone has really faced its coincidental and not intentional.

photo credit:Surendhar 


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