Sleeping Dogs:Entering Lok Fu Park Hangout

Today i played a mission where Detective Wei Shen had to hack a camera.It was a little confusing at first but i finally cracked it.Before i let you know the trick let me tell you what the colors on the code you enter while trying to crack the camera mean.

Red-Means the number is not a part of the four digit code(Try a different number as this wont work in any of the four slots)

Orange-Its a part of the code but is not in the correct slot.(Try inputting the same number in a different slot)

Green - Its the correct number and is in the correct slot so leave it alone.

Let me tell you an example to make it easier.While cracking the code if you enter the number 1234 and it shows the number as  1 2 3 4 on the screen it means that 1 is not a part of the four digit code 2 and 4 are a part of the code but are in wrong slots and three is a part of the code and is in the correct slot.This made me tear my hair out but was fun once i figured it out.Below is a slideshow,Pictures and three videos from a few missions i played today.

Pictures Of The Day:

Amanda and Detective Wei Shen on a bike

Bam Bam Club

Kung Fu School

Shifu talks to Detective Wei Shen and Amanda at the Kung Fu School

Amanda introduces herself to detective Wei Shen

Detective Wei Shen takes Amanda on a bike to drop her to the Kung Fu School

Videos Of The day:

Drive to Lei Tung Bus Stop:

Drop Passengers to Night Market:

Entering Lok Fu Park Hangout:


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