Sleeping Dogs:photograph Amanda and Uncle Po

Along with a few amazing missions i have played there are a few mini games which are fun to play.I played a mission that involved taking photos of Amanda at Victoria Peak which was very simple but still was fun.I am not sure if everyone is aware the voice over for Amanda has been done by Emma stone(The Actresses who played Gwen in The Amazing Spiderman)I don't know why for some reason i love her voice.Probably that might be the reason i might have enjoyed the mission :P.Moving on from this level there was a more serious mission where Winston was scared to meet Uncle Po because of the issues he has been having with Dog eyes.The storyline of the game is going very well.I wont be surprised if this gets made into a movie as well.Check out a slideshow,Pictures and a short clip of the video from the mission below.

Pictures Of The Day:

Winston and Uncle Po

Amanda and Wei Shen outside the Victoria Peak

Winston Wei Shen and a guy outside Uncle Po's apartment

Video Of The Day:


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