The Shield continue to torment Ryback

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Raw kicked off with Ryback waiting to take revenge against the Shield who until this weeks Raw have tormented him,overpowered him and thrown him through the table twice.This week however Michael Cole did manage to get an interview from the Shield who said they are not working for CM Punk and are doing something that's right to do.This team definitely looks to have a lot of attitude and so far they have gotten away with a powerslam over Ryback Thrice.The John Cena AJ angle is becoming weaker as it looks to be fizzed out and i feel is being overdone as the same thing happens every week on Raw.Hopefully we will have something interesting to see in the upcoming weeks.Where is Brock Lesnar?he brings the intensity to a whole new level in the WWE.I would love to see Ryback face off against Brock Lesnar or probably Brock Lesnar and Ryback teaming up against the shield.That will be interesting to see.Apart from that The Great Khali has been back for the last two weeks which is great to see.Did you guys know Beth Phoenix is not a part of wwe anymore?thats really sad to see considering she was one of the most powerful WWE divas ever.The way things are going these days the entire focus of the WWE is on the Ryback-CM Punk-Shield and John Cena-AJ angle nothing more seems to be happening within it.With TLC around the corner hopefully we would have a much more stronger pay per view to see when compared to the Survivor Series.Below are the Raw Results for the event held on 26/11/2012

WWE Raw results for 26/11/2012
Ryback defeated Titus O’Neil (w/ Darren Young)
Alberto Del Rio defeated The Great Khali
Tamina Snuka defeated Alicia Fox
Kofi Kingston defeated Tensai
Rey Mysterio defeated Daniel Bryan
John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler


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