The Wedding in Sleeping Dogs

Today in sleeping dogs while driving a car i heard a song.I am not sure which language the song was but it was really catchy.I am not sure if gamers are aware but while driving if you press the left or the right key on the keyboard you can switch between radio channels.The Wedding was a very intense mission but a joy to play.Its great that the game developers were able to create the reversals(Block and attack) with such precision.It works purely on timing.If the timing is good it always works till now 10 out of 10 times the reversals have worked.Below are a few moments from today.

Pictures of the day:

Winston Peggy and Wei Shen during The Wedding

Winston and peggy at the wedding

Slideshow of Winston and Peggy at the wedding

Uncle Po Banged up

Winston and Raymond have a conversation regarding the wedding

Video Of The Day:


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