5 Most anticipated Gadgets of 2013

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We are almost towards the end of 2012 but there are already a few gadgets we can hardly wait for.Check out 5 of the most anticipated gadgets to be released in 2013 that the world can hardly wait for.

01.Apple TV:

As everyone knows Apple has dominated the market with their superhit products such as Iphone,Ipad,Ipod and Mac.That's not all for apple as there are rumors that apple will launch a fifty-inch screen TV and are in negotiations with major television component suppliers. Some of the features of the Apple TV might include Siri interaction, DVR in the cloud technology and the ability to run apps and games apart from third-party device compatibility.

02:Fujitsu Lifebook:

The masterminds behind toughbook(A very sturdy Laptop for Rescue/Patrol workers)are on course to release Lifebook.The idea behind Fujitsu Lifebooks is to provide slots for the smartphone, tablet and digital camera and to enable them to merge as one super device.

03.FLIR PathFindIR:

This device will enable drivers to monitor, detect and recognize pedestrians, animals or potentially hazardous objects near or on the road at during night,darkness fog,rain or snow.Users will be able to tweak the settings depending on their need.

04.Canon EOS-1D:

Camera loves also get a reason to smile during the upcoming year as the year will see the release of the first professional SLR digital camera from Canon in over a decade.The EOS-1D will be able to handle high-speed situations with ease and will be an ideal choice for those tight action shots. It will have a new improved algorithm with the following features anticipated:

  • Revamped 45-point, auto-focus system
  • Ten fps repetitive shooting
  • Dual DIGIC four Image Processors
  • 16.1 APS-H CMOS Sensor with megapixel
  • Advanced Live View shooting
  • Manual exposure control
  • Movie recording in full HD, with selectable frame rates

05.Google TV:

Google can never be left behind.After the expansion of their market,a social networking platform and making immense progress in the mobile industry through their Android platform they are set to release the Google tv.This new tv will have a 3-D platform which combines LG’s own Smart Technology with Google’s Android apps and powered user interface.

Its great to see the progress technology has made in the last year from Ipod we have gone until tv's now which support applications and internet.It will be great to see whats next in store for us in regards to the future innovations.

Nothing official about the above has been announced yet.Hopefully the new years will start with a lot more innovations beyond imagination.


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