AJ joins hands with Big E Langston to torment John Cena

John Cena in Purple Shirt

Wow what a show!After a long time i saw a show which turned out to be awesome from beginning to the end with so many surprises.Wish we could have a show like this every week.The show started off with a bang with the fallout from the TLC held on 16/12/2012.It was a night where Slammy awards were supposed to be held.That was not all there were so many surprises WWE had in store for the WWE universe.Only two disappointments Vince McMahon and Brock Lesnar were missing from the show nevertheless it was one of the best Raw shows in recent weeks.Slammy awards as well as Matches were great to see.

The Storyline's focus seemed to have shifted back to the AJ-Cena segment and i will continue to say this just keeps getting weirder and Weirder with AJ again turning her backs on John Cena and kissing Dolph Ziggler while collecting her Slammy award.

By the looks of it i have got a sneaky feeling that Alberto Del Rio will now be a babyface.Him teaming up with The Miz and Tommy dreamer for a three on three match against 3MB looked to suggest something of that sort especially when Alberto Del Rio tagged Tommy in when he was desperate to get a tag to get into the ring and since The Miz is already almost a babyface.

The comic segment of the show was great as well when Lord Tensai and Santino Marella came together to announce the award for the LOL of the year.Tensai's head bandage which he wore after getting a trouble in paradise from Kofi Kingston was very funny for Santino that he couldn't help but laugh it out.

The Shield on their part continued to torment in the backstage by this time turning their focus on destroying Tommy Dreamer and Ricardo Rodriguez

Rick Flair's Segment was also cool when he was challenged by CM Punk to a match and claimed that he could beat him with one leg as one of his leg was injured.The Shield again made an appearance to destroy the nature boy but were quickly Neutralized thanks to Ryback and Team Hell No.

The Rock won the LOL of the year award but to everyone's disappointment he was not at the show so he did not make an appearance.

The Show's end was also unexpected as during the match between AJ and Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero and John Cena as in between the match both AJ and Vickie left the ring but AJ returned with Big E Langston to bash John Cena up.Weird gets Weirder is what i would say to that!

As i stated earlier on my post this was one of the best shows i have seen from WWE in the recent past and truly deserves an ace rating.You can think how good it would have been considering that even the Boogeyman also made an appearance.

Below are the complete slammy award and WWE Raw results which was held on 17/12/2012(17th December 2012)

WWE Slammy Awards 17/12/2012(17th December 2012)
Kofi Kingston won the Tell me i did not see that most shocking moment of the year award
Jerry "The King" Lawler won the comeback of the year award
AJ & John Cena won the Kiss of the year award
John Cena won the Superstar of the year award
The Rock won the LOL of the year award
#FeedMeMore won the #Trendingnow award
Ryback won the newcomer of the year award
Undertaker Vs Triple H won the match of the year award

WWE RAW Results for 17/12/2012(17th December 2012)
Rey Mysterio Defeated Damien Sandow via Pinfall
kaityn Defeated Eve via Pinfall
Kofi Kingston Defeated Lord Tensai via Pinfall
The Great Khali Defeated David Otunga via Pinfall
Brodus Clay Defeated JTG via pinfall
Cody Rhodes Defeated Sin Cara via pinfall
Alberto Del Rio,Tommy Dreamer & The Miz Defeated 3MB via pinfall
Ryback Defeated Antonio Cesaro via Countout


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