Angry Birds The Movie to release during summer 2016

Angry Birds Art

The Rise of the Angry Birds continues.Rovio entertainment has announced that the adaptation of this super hit franchise will be seen in the silver screen during summer 2016.Is there anything angry birds cant do?We have seen it all from the merchandise,cakes,real life angry birds to a lot of other creative art that has been made by rovio as well as fans.

From what has been confirmed Rovio Entertainment will produce and finance the Angry Birds Movie without any outside studios intervention. This will help the company to make the movie as per their quality standards as was said by the company in a statement.This will be the first movie Rovio would ever be involved in.

Rovio earlier tried their hands on amazing alex which  was not that bad after which another creative game named bad piggies was created.So the company is very creative there is no doubt about that.

The Plot of the movie has not yet been confirmed but it would be interesting to see how this gets adapted into a movie.



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