Bad Luck in Sleeping Dogs

The Bad luck mission involved meeting Madame Jiang  to make plans against Two Chin.The mission started with getting a car and heading towards two chins house.The entry to his house involved lying to Two Chin's neighbor asking her to open the door saying she has a delivery and then using her yard to go towards two chin's house.The guard also needed to be fooled to gain the entrance to Two Chin's mansion so Wei can screw around with the "Feng Shui".The mission also involved hacking the camera,Cracking the safe and driving the police car before it was completed.

Pictures of the day:

Two Chin along with his colleague

Two chin shocked to see his house in bad shape

Wei Shen and Madame red pole make plans to screw with two chin

The guard says bye to Mr Tsao as he leaves on a limosine

A fountain outside Two Chin's House

Videos of the day:

Bad Luck Mission:


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