Bioware hints next mass effect 3 DLC

Mass Effect 3 Cover art
Eurogamer has confirmed through a few hints that the last week's Omega expansion might not be the last DLC of Mass Effect 3.Bioware is apparently working on another expansion of this super hit role playing game.

Jos Hendriks(Bioware designer) has stated in its BioWare's official forums that this upcoming yet to be announced DLC will have a robust writing team.He also further stated that almost all the Mass Effect 3 DLC writers in Edmonton will be involved.

Sam Hulick(Mass effect 3 chief composer)also confirmed that he will contribute to the new content after he had no involvement with the game's Leviathan and Omega DLC.Hulick confirmed this via Twitter as well.

Others who will be involved in the DLC are:

Additional composers:

  • Sascha Dikiciyan
  • Cris Velasco 

Film and voice actor :

  • Seth Green (Family Guy, Austin Powers)


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