Buried alive in sleeping dogs

After Civil Discord comes the mission buried alive in which you need to go to Aberdeen and meet Raymond. Wei Shen then receives a text from Jackie and then goes to the meeting place and fights another horde of enemies and interrogates them to find out about Jackie's whereabouts

The mission also involves chasing down the 18k thug and retrieving the mobile phone and calling up  "Salty Crab" and meeting him in Kennedy Town.After this head to magazine island to save Jackie from the box he is trapped inside.

Pictures of the day:

Wei Shen interoggates the 18k Thug

Wei Shen's car up in flames

Wei Shen towards the magazine island on a boat

Wei Shen in a boat with explosion of the boat in front

Wei Shen and Raymond in conversation

Wei shen asks an 18k thug about jackie

Videos of the day:

Defeat the 18k(1):

Defeat the 18k(2):

Dont let Zi wai escape:

Trace Zi wai's Location:


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