Conflicted Loyalties in Sleeping Dogs

The next mission post bad luck is Conflicted Loyalties where Sonny Wo asks Wei Shen to set up a surveillance system on Vivienne while she and Ricky are at a party. The doorman however didn't allow Wei to enter the apartment so he had to find an alternate route after which he reaches the apartment and needs to complete a few mini games such as Hack the computer and set up a bug.After installing the bug Wei needs to run upstaris and place the camera in the bedroom and then retrieve the memory stick from Vivienne's computer.

Pictures of the day:

Wei shen and Vivienne

Sonny Wo and Ricky

Pendrew threatens Wei Shen

Ricky explains to Wei Shen

Wei Shen meets pendrew
Video of the day:

Conflicted Loyalties(Without Cut Scenes):


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