First DLC of Assassin's Creed III now Available

Assassin's Creed III Cover art

Assassin's Creed III first DLC is out today.As per reports UBISOFT have confirmed that The Hidden Secrets downloadable content is now available for Xbox 360 and PC Season Pass holders, with a release slated for tomorrow on PlayStation 3. Xbox 360 and PC gamers without a Season Pass can grab the content December 11, with PS3 owners able to jump in December 13. 

The three missions included are: 

  • Lost Mayan Ruins
  • Ghost of War
  • Dangerous Secret 

Costumes Included: 
  • Captain of the Aquila uniform 
  • traditional Colonial Assassin outfit

multiplayer characters included:
  • Redcoat 
  • Sharpshooter


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