Important Visitor in Sleeping Dogs

Important Visitor was a mission where Wei shen needed to take the King  to the K-Bar and had to find some girls to entertain the King and have a chat.Wei shen also got Ilyana's number for a date later. and sung Karaoke and took a bunch of pictures of the king enjoying with the ladies.The mission ended in a true sleeping dogs style with Wei Shen's fight against the thugs with some help from the king after which Wei Shen got back to the car and then returned the king back to the hotel.To be honest this mission looked repetitive but the karaoke element never gets old although its simple quite fun to play.

Pictures Of The Day:

Wei Shen Speaks to Katunshka to take her back to the king

The king and a bunch of ladies

The King Enjoys at the strip club

The King thanks Wei Shen for his help

Videos Of The Day:


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