Kesha sad as unable to include all songs in warrior

Kesha Singer
The teen sensation Kesha also known as Kesha Rose Serbert is sad as she could not include the 50 songs(Which was actually close to impossible) she had penned down for the new album Warrior.Her New Album(Warrior)which comes out in standard and deluxe edition is already been liked by many of Kesha's fan thanks to the superhit song Die Young.The Album which had an official release date set as December 4th includes the following songs.

  1. "Warrior"  
  2. "Die Young"  
  3. "C'Mon"
  4. "Thinking of You"
  5. "Crazy Kids"
  6. "Wherever You Are"
  7. "Dirty Love" (featuring Iggy Pop)
  8. "Wonderland" (featuring Patrick Carney)
  9. "Only Wanna Dance with You"
  10. "Supernatural"  
  11. "All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)"
  12. "Love Into the Light" 
Through various sources it has also been confirmed that this album will be one of the best albums by Kesha until now and the songs included will be upbeat and much better compared to her debut album "Animal".

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